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A revision to the most successful parking application in Israel

UX upgrade for the #1 parking app in Israel

Pango is a well-known brand in Israel, being the first company to provide an easy to use parking app allowing its users to pay for parking anywhere in the country with the touch of a button. Pango eliminated the need for parking meters and substantially decreased the amount of parking fines drivers receive.

The company, being around for over a decade, has increased its services range from parking to other useful on-the-road services such as car insurance, car wash, roadside assistance and more which then created a couple obstacles to overcome:

  1. Create user awareness for the vast service range, educating the users to use Pango not just for the parking service

  2. Encourage users to purchase monthly packages including some or all of the services Pango has to offer

I was hired as an outsourced adviser for all UX related issues with achieving the above goals. The task was to recreate the registration process for new users downloading the app - allowing users to view and understand all the services Pango has to offer.

Research & Analysis

Current UX & Navigation

The registration process, which hasn't changed much over the years, has 6 steps, when it takes 2-3 minutes to complete. The steps divide to 3 different sections -

  1. Personal information - phone number, plate number, email address, city, package choice, accept terms and conditions & privacy policy

  2. CC information

  3. Phone number verification by SMS

The biggest issue with the process was the combination of personal details and package choice into one step, one screen, where UI wise, it was difficult to differentiate the input fields from the package choice. Moreover, personal information inputs were divided to 2 screens to simulate a "simple" sign up in the main, first screen, which can be confusing and misleading.

Another issue with the current process was how the user is encouraged to choose a paid package. The packages are presented with a radio button option between a free account and a paid package, if a user chooses the free account, a notification pops up asking the users if they're sure about their choice while also stating everything the user will lose if free account is chosen. The choice of encouragement method and choice of words can be perceived as a negative encouragement, making the user feel almost ambushed.

Our goal was to simplify the process while maintaining a positive approach when inspiring the user to become a paid user, stating all the great things they will receive rather than showing the down fall of what they're missing out on.

Previous registration flow

Sketches & Wireframes

Suggested Flow

When taking into consideration the company's goals and agenda, we wanted to make sure that the users will be exposed to the available packages in a way that will enable them not only to understand the benefit of a paid package but also to see Pango as more than "just a parking app".

To do so, we've rearranged the registration steps.

The first step would be personal info input - when the input fields are not split into 2 screens but combined into one screen. The second step will present the available packages in a swipe navigation method. Once the user has chosen the most suitable package, he will be transferred to the CC info and verification steps to conclude the registration process.



I usually start the design process with low fidelity sketches. This is the way I iterate through many design options quickly.

Before moving onto creating the wireframes on my laptop, I sketch out the main wireframe to make sure we have all functional specifications covered. Usually it takes about 2-3 drafts and lots of blank sheets of paper to get it right.



Instead of submitting a new screen flow to the client, we created the UX design for the new navigation method. We used InVision to simulate the registration process we have decided upon.

We went through a few iterations and a few navigation process options before we managed to pin point the best option which we believe will be the best one in increasing the application's conversion rate from free users to paid users.

See the full wireframes

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